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Driver Education - 10 hour classroom / 6 hours behind the wheel

The Oklahoma Driving School’s Driver Education program emphasizes the State of Oklahoma’s
requirement of ten hours of classroom instruction and six hours of behind-the-wheel driving.

- The classroom portion prepares each student for the written permit test and is given every weekend. During Fall, Winter, and Spring Breaks, and during the Summer, extra mid-week classes are held for your convenience.

- The one-on-one driving may be scheduled to meet the student’s needs only after the classroom instruction has been completed. For the driving portion only, the student will be picked up at home or school if they live in the Tulsa metro area.

- Finally, each student will receive defensive driving instruction and therefore, will receive a certificate ensuring an insurance discount for three years.

$380.00 CLICK HERE TO CHECK SCHEDULE AND ENROLL or Call our office at 918-622-6500 to reserve your spot in the class.
Defensive driving - 6 hour class
The Oklahoma Driving School offers a Defensive Driving Course that can be taken to receive an
insurance reduction for three years. The six hour class is held on Saturdays and costs
$50.00 (evening classes are held twice a month).

The class is held at our classroom at 31st and Sheridan, and consists of instruction utilizing a Time, Space and Visibility Course. We do offer a class once a month in Sand Springs.

Alternately, the Driver Improvement Program course is state certified and will meet court requirements.

It can be taken every 24 months to remove 2 points off a person’s driving record.
Call our office to reserve a spot on the roster.”

or Call our office at 918-622-6500 to reserve your spot in the class.
One-On-One Private Instruction

Whether for adult beginners, persons trying to relearn driving skills, or merely for persons trying to gain extra practice, our private driving lessons are tailored to each student. Our instruction prepares each student to improve their driving skills by building confidence and adhering to core instructional principles. Additionally, we will prepare both teens and adults for the State of Oklahoma Road test.

$60 / 1 hour
$90 / 1.5 hour
Or call our office at 918-622-6500
Physically Challenged & Special Needs Instruction

We offer specialized instruction for those students with special needs. We have cars that are equipped with hand controls, left foot accelerators, leg extensions, and steering knobs. We work with each student to help them acclimatize to our vehicle.

Services include Driver Education, One-on-One individualized instruction and Drive Evaluations.

$470.00 - Driver education with adapted vehicle.
$75.00 / 1 hour
$112.50 / 1.5 hour
- Hourly training with adapted vehicle.

Because each situation is different, please call our office at 918-622-6500 for a confidential interview today.

Drive Evaluation & Assessment

Victims of a Stroke, Head Trauma, an Accident, or Rehabilitation-individuals may need to have their driving skills assessed in order to begin driving again. Other individuals may be older and need the comfort of an outside, independent organization to verify their driving ability.

Regardless of the reason, this hour long on-the-road evaluation may be scheduled at your convenience. The assessment includes a letter being sent to your doctor, an outside organization(such as Handicapped Vehicle Services) or a family member of your choice.

$120.00 Call our office at 918-622-6500 to schedule your evaluation today.
Drive test with Car Rental at Oklahoma Driving School

Only for students who have completed Driver Education*, call our office and make an appointment!

$25.00 for the Drive Test and $10.00 for the use of an Oklahoma Driving School car(Test performed ONLY in Oklahoma Driving School car)(Cash, Credit Card or Money Order only).

$25.00 Re-test and No charge for the use of an Oklahoma Driving School car(Cash, Credit Card or Money Order only).

(Requirements: Applicant shall have passed the vision test and shall have enrolled in and successfully completed a driver education course and been issued a Oklahoma learner permit.)

*"Driver education" is defined as: (a) a public secondary school driver education course; (b) a parochial, private, or nonpublic secondary school driver education course, certified by DPS; or (c) a commercial driver training course.

$35.00 PURCHASE DRIVE TEST WITH CAR RENTAL Call our office at 918-622-6500 to schedule your evaluation date.
Practice Drive and then Drive Test at Dept. of Public Safety

Allow approximately two hours for the Road test and feel assured that our car will pass the examiner's inspection. In advance, call our office to schedule your Road test.

On the day of the Road Test, our instructor will pick up the student and allow the student to drive to the Dept. of Public safety, giving him or her instruction along the way.

We will wait for the student to complete the road test and then we will return them to their pickup location.

$120.00 Call our office at 918-622-6500 to schedule a road test.

Subsequent* 8th Grade Reading Proficiency Test

This test is designed for teens who need to gain the necessary document for the permit test. Call our office to schedule an hour long appointment. The test is fifty (50) questions and is timed at fifty (50) minutes. Results will be given immediately after the completion of the test.
* Oklahoma public schools must give an alternative reading test four times per year to all public school, private school and home schooled children. The first test is free to all students, but school districts and other testing sites may charge up to $25 per test for subsequent tests.

$25.00 Call our office at 918-622-6500 to reserve a class today.
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